My Loves

I love these 3 so much!  This is what bedtime looks like at our house! 


Pulling up!

Will is so proud of himself!   He is pulling up on everything and loves to stand up like a big boy! 



We had a forecast for a "light dusting" of snow.  We would probably get an inch or less.  School went on as planned and we went to work as planned.   I thought it would be fun for Andrew to see the snow and hoped that he would get to go out and play in it.  I remember seeing it start to come down around 9.  So pretty!  It covered the sidewalks first, then the grass.  At 10 schools started to close.  Around 11 we got the call that the boys school would close at 2.  So I got a girl to grab me a sandwich so I could get some work done before I had to leave.  Well traffic was starting to get real bad around 12, so my boss said I should probably leave.  I tried to get out of my office parking lot…but it was so icy!  There were cars already all over the sides of the road and off in the ditches.  I had to come back to work.  I waited there for another 3-4 hours.  Mom was stuck at the Cracker Barrel where she stopped on her way home from bible study.  I picked her up and we ventured out again to try to get on 280.  What usually takes me less than 2 minutes took about an hour.  We were almost on 280 but could see that everyone had abandoned their cars and there was no way to get on the interstate. So, back to the office we went.  This meant that there was no way that either Bo or I would get to our boys at school.  I was devastated. 
Hwy 280 near Brookwood Mall
 Car on fire outside of my office.
Thankfully I called one of our friends and they were at the school and picked up Andrew for him to spend the night with them.  He had never spent the night away from home other than with family.  He seemed a little apprehensive when I talked to him on the phone, but I knew he would be OK.  I told the mom he was staying with that he might be a little sad when he got there… she replied with this picture.
Happy Boys!  Billy, Micah and Andrew.
They had a great night playing.  She said that they all played so great together.  Andrew called me before bed and was a little weepy because he wanted to be in his own PJ's.  Mr. Dewayne just happened to have an FSU jersey, and that did the trick!  The next text I got was this one.
Sound asleep!  
Mom and I ended up staying at the Hilton with a co-worker of mine.  Blessed!  I got us a couple of extra T-shirts from the office for us to sleep in, and had a toothbrush at work.  We still felt  pretty gross, but compared to the hundreds of people who were stuck in their cars with no food/water/heat… we were doing great.  The next morning I went back to work until about 12.  I kept watching the roads from our windows and it seemed like a good time to go.  I called a friend of mine with a truck who was out rescuing people  and he said he said he could pick us up at Will's school and get us home.  I made it to the school with no problems.  There were cars EVERYWHERE.  you almost had to drive down the middle of the 2 lane road because there were cars stuck on both sides.  I made it though.  I was so glad to see this sweet boy!
I think he was glad to see me too!  So thankful to his sweet teachers (one who was 8.5 months pregnant!) for staying and taking good care of him.  
Bo made it home a couple hours later by driving on the wrong side of Hwy 31.  But he made it.  He stopped and picked up Andrew and by 4:00 we were all home again!  Whew!  Andrew could not wait to get out and play in our snow.  Our yard was still covered in snow so it was so much fun.  We made a snow castle and had a snowball fight.  What a mess!  Hopefully we will be a little more prepared the next time this happens.
My snow angel. 


Handsome Dude.

Just getting ready for the Super Bowl! 


Piggy Money

Andrew has been saving his money in his piggy bank for a while now.  My dad sends money almost every week.  Just a dollar or 2, but every time he gets something, he puts it in his piggy.  He had been wanting a new football uniform, but since Santa just brought him one, I told him that he could have one if he wanted to spend his own money. Well he counted it out and he had $40 bucks.  The uniform was $39.99.  We got online, ordered it and it came..  He was excited.  Great lesson in saving and spending! Thanks PawPaw.  He wears it all the time! 
Mr. Piggy Bank
Tough Player! 


Children's South Surgery

Will had to have a little minor surgery to remove a cyst from a very delicate area.  We got up EARLY Friday morning and went to Children's South.  Bo stayed home to get Andrew off to school.  Will was so sweet.  He slept in the car and woke up only after I got him out of his carseat (it was about 20 degrees…BURRR!)  He was a perfect patient.  He even waved "bye-bye" to me as the nurse took him down the hall to surgery. When he came back (after about an hour) I was so glad to finally hold him again!  I was thinking of all the awful things that can happen during surgery, then I thought of all the kids who are WAY worse off than mine and was just so tankful to get them back in my arms and thankful for how healthy he is.  Whew!  Praise the Lord.  He slept for about 30 minutes then the nurse said he needed to wake up and drink his bottle.  Well he downed the bottle, but never opened his eyes.  FINALLY, I laid him down to change his diaper and he woke up and was so happy and in the best mood.  He was waving to everyone.  Good as new!  It was a good experience and all the nurses and our doctor were fantastic.
Good Morning
Tiny little hospital gown… ready for surgery
Out of surgery and so snugly under anesthesia.  
up and happy!  Ready to go home! 


Shopping Buddy

Here is my big boy sitting up in the buggy at Target.  I can't believe he is big enough to ride like this!
Growing up!



Annnnnd… He's off!

Exploring new places


5 year old check up

Really, 5 years old? Really? 
I really can't get over how much Andrew has changed in the last year.  He has really grown up!  He has lost all of his 'baby' look and is a big kid now.  He rocked his check up.  He aced his vision and hearing screaming and Dr. D. was very impressed with his verbal skills.  He is doing great.  Andrew is one of the funniest people I know.  He makes us laugh all the time.  You never really know what he is going to say!  
Super tall
Hearing test

Playing football with dad-
B- You have to catch the ball.  Stop being silly and use your hands to catch it.  You are not going to be able to play football in the fall if you can't catch the ball
AMK- I don't need to catch it.  I'm going to be a running back. 

On Heaven- 
AMK- mom, how many people are in Heaven?
W- lots
AMK- like 60?
W- no, like millions and millions and millions
AMK- Well I know some- Pops and… Elvis.


Splish Splash

Thanks to Pinterest, I saw this great idea of putting him in a laundry basket for him to take a bath.  This keeps all his toys with in reach and I don't have to worry about him hitting his head on the hard tub.  He LOVES taking a bath and splashing.  He is so good to let me wash his hair and pour water on him.  
rub a dub dub
bathing beauty
little duck


7 Months

Really, 7 months? Really?  Look at this boy!  Check out those thighs!  They are so yummy!  I could eat him up.  He is starting to crawl and mainly goes backward but will be getting forward soon enough.  He is eating baby food like a champ.  Loves it all, except for peas… but who can blame him?  Peas are gross enough on their own, but mashed up peas are worse.  He is the BEST baby ever.  So sweet and easy going.  We are so in love!  
Big boy
Chunky legs
Never sits still!
Sweet brothers
ready to go! 


1st Tooth

I barely felt the first tooth on New Year's Eve and it has finally come through enough to get photographic evidence.  No more baby toothless grin.  This boy is getting big.  
Bottom right.
Happy Boy!
This is Andrew and his 1st tooth.  Same one! 



Will is rocking Infant 2.  He got a Yellow note on his very first day!  So proud.


Movin on up!

Its been real Infant 1, but I am off to Infant 2!  Will has been promoted!  It was crazy to see how much bigger he was than some of the newer babies.  Time flies!  He had the sweetest teachers- Mrs Jordan, Mrs. Tindall and Mrs. Amber.  They all loved him so much.  Thanks girls!  See you soon.  
Miss Amber
Mrs. Tindall
 Mrs. Jordan


So glad to be home!!

This was so much fun to come home to.  I just love this laughter!!
Andrew spent the weekend with Meme Lisa and Will stayed with Mimi Cheryl.  They both did great while we were gone.  We sure did miss them! 


BCS National Championship- Pasadena, CA

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger… After we beat Alabama then Missouri in the SEC Championship, the next stop was sunny Californ-I-A!  Yippie.  What better way to spend the days of the "Polar Vortex" which was right over Birmingham, than on the beach in Malibu? The weather across the south and east coast was AWFUL.  Snow/ice= major delays.  Luckily I changed our flights that went through Chicago to go through Vegas.  Whew!  No issues for us.  I think we were delayed about an hour, but compared to so many friends who didn't get to come, or had to drive half way across the country to catch a flight, or made it with out luggage, or had 6-8 hours of delays…Thank goodness!  We arrived on Saturday and had a very nice room at the JW Marriott downtown by the Staples Center.  We ate dinner at a place near the hotel then came back to the room to rest.  We were pretty tired from the trip and had a big day planned for Sunday.  After a wonderful, hot shower, our fire alarm went off.  We walked down 15 flights of stairs to find out that our floor was the only one evacuated and in fact it was a false alarm.  Then our TV didn't work.  Bo got us moved to another room (which overlooked the Staples center) and we got a free in room movie. Score!  We watched Gravity… whole other post for that review.  Sunday we met up with my sweet friend Jenny and her adorable family in Santa Monica at Shutters on the Beach and had brunch.  Then we walked down the beach to the Pier.  We ran into so many Auburn fans there.  
Me and Jenny at the game.
Santa Monica Pier
After the Pier, we decided to take a drive up Hwy 1 to Malibu.  I could definitely live there.  Definitely.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Ocean, Mtns. Beautiful Houses.  Loved it all.  We met our friends Chad and Kevin at this secluded beach.  We only got to stay for an hour or so because we had to get back to the Staples Center for the Lakers game!  One of our friends got us some sweet tickets.  We saw Mark Wahlberg sitting court side too.  Later we found out that some of our friends were sitting right behind him too!  We only stayed for the first period of the game then we were off to Pasadena for a BCS par-tay!  
The Lake Show
We arrived in Pasadena and met up with some great friends-The Dickinsons.  Helen, Holley, Greg and Leah.  This party was SO.MUCH.FUN.  There was a great band and we did some dancing too.  Wonderful food, free drinks, snacks and different "stations" where you could go and have your pictures made.  Here are several of our pics below.  It was such a fun night!  

The Crew
Game Day Set
Um, yeah, That is Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills 90210.  
Our friend Taylor Hicks
Hanging with the Heisman Trophy
Doing our own Heisman pose. 
We even sang Karaoke.   
Unfortunately, there is a video of it somewhere too.  Lets hope it doesn't end up on the internet!!  After the party we met up with some Auburn friends at a bar in West Hollywood.  It was a BUSY day, but so much fun. Monday we left our hotel and met up with our friends Brad and Margaret in Old Town Pasadena and had lunch.  Then it was off to the game.  Lots of waiting in lines for buses, then we got stuck in front of the stadium while the teams arrived. We finally made it to a tent and grabbed something to drink and we were off to the game… more waiting to get to our seats but we finally made it.  We had great seats in the Auburn section.  What a game!  Hated the outcome though.  
The Granddaddy of them all….
We caught the red eye home after the game and were back in Birmingham by 7AM. It was 9 degrees when we got off the plane! YIKES.  Take me back to Cali soon!!