Andrew Reading

Let me apologize for the shirtless boy in this video… he was between uniform changes.  I am so proud of him and how well he is reading!  THanks so much Miss Candace and Mrs. Haley!


Will talking "mama"

Sweetest word he has spoken...


Valentines Day

Andrew wrote his name on all the Valentines in his class.  This year he wanted Camp Rock valentines. 
Valentine presents!
New cleats for T-Ball
Batting gloves!
Will got some sippy cups
Bo and I took Andrew to the LEGO movie that night.  It was a fun date night with my sweet boys.


Nom, nom, nom

working on that pincer grasp
mmmm... fruity cheerios! 


8 Months Old

This baby is sweeter than a 20lb sack of sugar!  (And he is 20 pounds too!)  Such a sweet boy!  He has started to eat a little more food this month- yogurt, cheerios, cheese and of course baby food. He has 2 teeth.  He can say "mama".  He is starting to pull up on everything and is crawling all over the place.  He is in the curious stage where he wants to explore everything and everywhere.  He did so great with his surgery and spending the night at school this month. It was a crazy time!  Look at these pictures... always smiling.  His smile can light up the whole room.  We love you so much little stinker! 


Playing with Daddy

Peek-a-boo Daddy! 
"Hey!  Somebody let me in!!"