Field Trip to the Zoo

Olivia and Andrew
Invitations to the Wedding will be going out soon... I adore this sweet girl!  
Wyatt, John Paul, Micah, Olivia, Jack, Ellie, Lucas, Reid
What would we do without our Mimi?  She was able to take Andrew on his school field trip to the Zoo.  What a bunch of Monkeys!  I know Andrew had fun and I know Mimi was WORN OUT after it was all over.  We are so blessed that she is here and able to do fun things like this with him when we can’t.  This has been a fun group of kids to be around for the past 5 years.  They will sure miss each other next year as they will be going off to different schools.


Wobblers, Here I Come!

Will is really going to miss Miss Morgan and Miss Tindall.  They are so sweet and we love them!  But he is ready to move on up and move on out of the infant room… He has learned to drink out of a sippy cup recently and is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything.


Easter 2014

Andrew was up first thing Sunday morning and came into our room and said that the Easter bunny had come!  We got up and , sure enough, there were eggs everywhere!  He was excited to get into his Easter basket where he found clothes, games, and toys.  Will woke up a little later and was excited to see a sipy cup and some puffs in his basket.  We celebrated Easter this year by having M&J over to our house for lunch after church.  I made a cake and some cheese biscuits for lunch and Mom brought a ham and some of Papa’s famous lima beans.  It was a fun afternoon!  
Our littlest bunny! 
Will's Basket
Andrew's Basket
AMK getting into his basket
Sweet Under Armour Shirt
Easter egg hunting!
Goldfish stuffed eggs! 
Bunny brought this baby some puffs
Family Pic at Church
My Honey Bunny


Learning to Walk...

April 18, 2014
10 Months...
It won't be long before he takes off on his own...


Night Night

Bedtime routine- Bath, bottle, bed!  
Cleaning up! 
Happy Boy! 

Bo playing the wildly popular game of "Daddy's Ba!" where he will take the paci (ba) out of Will's mouth with his mouth.  Will thinks this is quite possibly the funniest thing ever! 
Probably the best part of either of our days... Sitting still with this precious boy in our lap... Oh how I wish I could still rock Andrew to sleep! 

10 months!

Well this boy is so busy growing and going!  He is moving all around… crawling and “cruising” when he can hold on to the couch or table.  He can stand up in the middle of the floor, but isn’t taking any steps yet.  He still isn’t sleeping that well.  Every now and then we will have nights where he sleeps all night, but sadly they are few and far between.  He has 3 bottom teeth. No top ones yet!   He LOVES his big brother and thinks everything he does is funny!  He also really likes bananas!  He eats the whole thing and usually has one every day!  He likes Yo Baby yogurt too.  He has started to get the hang of drinking from a sippy cup, but doesn’t really like apple juice too much.  We love him more and more every day.  His laugh and smile are infectious.  You just can’t look at him without smiling.  Ah those dimples!  As you can see from the pictures, he is rarely still!  


Game Ball!

This boy LOVES playing T-ball! This night he played pitcher and made some great plays!



Ear infection after ear infection after ear infection!  I feel like this boy has been sick since January!  Finally after the 3rd one we were able to be referred to an ENT.  Of course it was the week of spring break so we had to wait another week before we could get an appointment.  In the meantime, lil’ man  wakes 2-4 times every night… which means mama wakes up 2-4 times every night.  We are both tired and ready to move on!  Luckily, the ENT said he could fit us in the NEXT MORNING!  Whoop Whoop!  I was so excited, I thought I might cry.  So Will and I got up EARLY again and headed to Children’s South.  We were in and out and home by about 9:00.  He did great during the surgery and even afterwards.  He was so smiley and sweet.  You never know what the anesthesia will do to a kid.  It made Andrew cry and he was so fussy.  Not my sweet Will!  So glad that this is over.  Hope he will start to feel better soon!  Now if we could just get all those teeth to come on in.