DMB means Summer is here.  Our favorite pastime~going to see Dave Matthews Band.  This summer's tour was a little different in that the band opened for themselves.  They did an acoustic set first, took a break then came out with their full live set.  Both sets were amazing.  So fun and different to see and hear the acoustic set.  It was like we were in the recording studio with them.  The best part of the weekend was that Carter, the drummer emailed Bo on Friday and said that he had tickets for us for both nights (Friday-BHM, Saturday- ATL).  Ummmmm… Amazing!  I couldn't believe it.  We got to Oak Mtn and picked up two tickets and 2 lounge passes where we got to go sort of back stage and had free food and drinks.  So fun!  Of course both shows were phonemenal.  Thanks Carter!
We got to see Tyler, Liz and Hannah in Atlanta and they ended up sitting about 5 rows right behind us!
Tim Reynolds and Dave Matthews
Whole Band- Acoustic

Rocking Out! 
Tyler, Hannah and Liz

Enjoying the lounge! 
Mr. Cool


CCS Graduation

Signing a song
Mimi (Banana) Cheryl
Meme Lisa
Sweet Olivia, his girlfriend
Courtland and Emerson
Sweet Mrs. Hayley
Sweet Miss Candice
Micah, John Paul, Jack and Andres
Ready for the show!!

Graduation Videos

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful their school is.  Really.  It is just so great and they learn SO much and have the sweetest teachers.  Andrew has been practicing so much for their graduation program.  I was so proud of him all all that he has learned… Here are just a few videos from that night. 

Andrew's Verse-  "B"  
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and you shall be saved."  Acts 16:31
Lords Prayer- English and Latin
Nicene Creed


A Stop in Auburn

We drove through Auburn on the way home.  It was a 1/2 way stop and we got out and bought some new Auburn T-shirts and got the boy's picture in front of the Auburn sign.  It was a nice lazy Sunday morning.  So much has changed since we were there in school, but it is still so beautiful and feels like home.  
Which way to Auburn 101? 
War Eagle! 
Class of 2030 & 2034!!
Tiger Walk entrance to the stadium.
dreaming of playing baseball here...


Kerri's Wedding

Bo's youngest sister got married at Grandmama and Grand Daddy's house in Georgia.  It was a fun weekend celebrating with family.  She was  a beautiful bride.  She asked Andrew to be in the wedding and walk down the aisle and hold the vows.  He did a great job.  We had a fun reception  in the backyard with great bbq and yummy cake.  The highlight of the night was the sparkers and paper lantern we lit.  Such a fun idea!  Congrats Kerri and Alex!  



May 15th~ 11 months old!  


Mother's Day

Next to my birthday and Christmas, Mother's day is my  3rd favorite holiday (if you are counting the ones that I get presents… if not Easter and 4th of July probably beat it by just a hair) But it is a great day.  Blessed that I AM a mom.  Blessed to have the best mom and great mom in laws and grandmothers too!  So thankful to have 2 handsome boys that I adore and that are so much fun!  
We took my mom to dinner Saturday night at Carabba's.  Sunday we took Bo's mom to Jim N Nick's then went to visit Nanny and Papa.  We capped it off with a large dipped cone from DQ on the way home!  A perfect weekend!  
Mom and Me

Nanny & AMK

Sweet Will

Meme, Nanny & Bo

Bedtime snuggles with my to sweet boys! 
So thankful to be a MOM to these 2 guys.