Water Play

The day we brought Will home from the hospital, Andrew and I were outside playing "Wipeout"  He loves the slip n slide.  We thought it was time for little brother to enjoy it as well.  At first he was not too sure, but then he liked splashing in the water and getting soaked.  Of course he thought everything Andrew did was super cool too! 



Destin 2014

Our annual beach trip was rescheduled this year due to Kerri's wedding.  Fortunately Bo's boss offered his wonderful beach house to us since my step brother's family was already staying with mom and mij. It was so nice to all be down at the same time, but also great to have our own space.  We stayed in Baytowne and went to the condo every day.  Andrew loved playing with his cousins Hannah, Anniston and Cruz.  We had fantastic weather the whole week.  Will did great too.  He went to the beach last year, but he was SO tiny.  He really liked splashing in the pool and wasn't a huge fan of the sand out on the beach.  It was truly a vacation (as much of a vacation as you can have with 2 kids! haha)
Andrew watched the 2005 Iron Bowl on the way down. 
(He was so excited every time Brody got sacked!)
Will loving the pool
Sweet Will and Mommy watching the waves and splashing
tired little beach baby
Cousin fun!  They caught a crab!  
I found out through Facebook that Andrew's girlfriend was at the beach the same time.  Her mom and I arranged a surprise meeting on the beach one afternoon.  Olivia was down playing in the ocean and Andrew ran dow to the water.  Her mom called her name, she turned around and saw Andrew and screamed!  It was the cutest thing!  They played for a little while.  We love this sweet girl! 
Beach Love
Papa love
This boy loves his Papa.  
My favorite part of every day- getting to snuggle this little guy while he naps.  Beach naps are the best!

These 2 had fun together in the pool everyday. 
Valiant attempt at a family photo
Friday we rented a pontoon boat and went out to Crab Island.  We went in the afternoon and while there was a threat of thunderstorms, we had great weather.  Not too hot and sunny, and it never rained.  The kids loved jumping off the boat… even Will!  

Thanks to Mimi and Papa for a wonderful week!  


Sunday Funday at the Barron's game

Since we listed our house earlier this week, we had an open house on Sunday.  What to do?  Ballpark!  It was a HOT afternoon, but we all had a great time.  
Cory and AMK
Love this pic of Will trying to keep up with the big boys! 
Time to re-apply some sun screen! 
AMK ready to knock one out of the park! 
Sweet Willy Coco and his sweet daddy


Will's First Birthday!

June 5, 2013... the night before he got here.  We didn't even know he was a "he" yet!  

Here he is... the night before he turns 1.  ~  June 5, 2014

Sweet dreams baby boy.
1st Birthday card from PawPaw!  

How can he be one already???  What a wonderful year we have had.  Its hard to remember life without our sweet Will.  We celebrated his birthday at Aldridge Gardens with a party in the park.  Yes, it was kind of “last minute” and totally “2nd child”.  With Andrew I had cute little invitations made and his cake was specially ordered from Edgars Bakery and there were decorations that were purchased and it was very thought out.  With this party, it was more like, “Oh goodness- Will’s birthday is next week… what are we going to do?!?!?!”  Bo was in charge of the venue and I did the rest.  We were blessed to have our family come and help celebrate- PawPaw, Mimi, Papa, Hannah, Meme, Nanny, Gigi, Melony, Cory and Raven.  It was perfect.  Will loved being outside and seeing the fish and geese. I decorated the boathouse with pictures from his first year along with his monthly pictures so everyone could see how quickly he has grown.  He LOVED his cake and had no problem diving right into it!   We had Chick fil A nuggets, fruit and chips.  Will got some new shoes, a toy lap top, some blocks, a wagon and some clothes, book and swimsuit for his presents.  I know if the first year went by quick, this next one will go by even quicker . 
To my Sweet Will… I love you so much.  You are SO funny, and SMART.  So far you can say mama, dada, bubba, uh-oh, ba(paci), ba-ba(bottle), bubble, mmmmmm(yummy), pawPaw, Ah-side (outside), papa & nana(banana).  You have 6 teeth.  2 on top (vampire teeth) and 4 on the bottom.  You have a smile and laugh that will make anyone smile.  You light up the room, little boy! You are also walking so great.  (You started a month ago!)  You definitely make our mornings more exciting… always getting into EVERYTHING!  So curious.  Your favorite toy is our TV remote.  That is really about all you play with right now.  You love your Bubba.  He is a great big brother and looks out for you.  He loves you so much too!  Sometimes a little too much and you get mad because he just wants to hug you and you don’t want to be still for that.  I hope that you will be best friends forever.  I honestly can’t imagine our lives without you.  You have truly completed our family!  On to year #2!!
sweet Mimi
Cousin Hannah
Big brother helping open presents
Cake Time!
He loved it. 
Sweet kiddos! 
Meme and Nanny
Handsome boy in his new shoes! 


For Sale!

We have listed our house... Excited about new things to come...