1st Weekend of College Football!!

War Eagle!  Bo took Andrew and Cory to the first Auburn game this year.  They were so excited.  Will and I were excited to go see Gigi (and wash clothes, since we don't have our washer and dryer yet…) Everyone had a GREAT day!  

Will and Little Toomer
My Boys! 

Will worn out after a fun afternoon at Gigi's!
Love him sleeping so good in her arms.  
Out cruising in the halls! 


My Sweet, Sweet Will

This baby boy is such a joy!  He is just a tiny angel from heaven.  So easy going, so sweet, so funny and so, so good!  We love him so much!  
Hanging out in Bubba's room
Sometimes, he ends up in our bed EARLY in the mornings...
Who could resist this face?  
He ended up BACK in the tub one morning before church… It was just too much fun the 1st time.

Will loves hanging out with Gigi at her new apartment.  
Easily, the best part of my day is rocking this sweet pea at night.  I hope he lets me hold him until he goes to college…sigh.



After 3 LONG weeks of living at the new house with NO furniture… we needed a break!  Lots of change for these boys with a new home, and new school. Bo and I have been sleeping on a pitiful full size bed.  We needed a night to just RELAX.  So we decided to have a staycation.  We got a room at the new Hyatt and took the boys to the mall to ride the carousel and ate in the food court.  After dinner the boys got new shoes.  Then we were out for a little night swimming on the roof.  Andrew thought this was so cool  Will slept through it.  We had a restful night sleeping on a comfy king sized bed.  By morning, all 4 of us were all snuggled up together!  Just what I needed.  The next morning we had complimentary breakfast followed by more pool time.  Then the boys went in to watch football and take a nap and I was able to sneak in an hour or so at the pool by myself.  Now that is REALLY what I needed.  Saturday we took Andrew to Oak Mountain for the Keith Urban concert.  Wow!  What a show.  It was so great and Andrew had a blast.  He entertained several people around us with his dancing and singing and playing his "air" guitar.  At the end, he even got a pick and a wrist band that Keith Urban threw into the crowd.  It was a great weekend and recharged my batteries.  
Will's first spin on the carousel
Sleeping in! 

Ready to rock!
Getting down!
Last song… moved down front...
score!  got a pick and wristband!



and just like that… he is going to school!  It was a great day!  I walked him in and to his room and didn't shed a tear.  Can you believe it?  I think I cried enough last week.  I also saw a lady sobbing in the hallway and thought of Bo saying "You are sending him to kindergarten, not to war."  Perspective. I was just so proud of him and how brave he was and how confident he was.  I love that he did so well.  I stuck around for the first (and probably last) PTO meeting I will attend.  They are at 9AM so I won't be making too many of those!  We really like his little school and are excited for what this year holds.  


Will's first day at BE Kare and Andrew's meet the teacher

Will started his new school today.  We tried to take cute pictures and this is how it turned out.  
This is what happens when you tell a 14 month old to stand still and hold a sign.  LOL!  
This one just cracks me up!  It is like he is so distraught about starting a new school.
Finally… a keeper!  All he needed was a toy and a cracker! 

Later that morning Andrew and I went to his new school to meet his teacher… Miss Chambliss. He was so excited.  I was so nervous.  I thought for sure I was going to cry, but I didn't!  He was so big.  When we got back home, I was reading over some of his paperwork and also Will's we were looking at Will's schedule and I was telling him that he does different things each day outside.  Monday- riding toys, Tuesday- sand table, Wednesday- throwing and catching, etc.  
He said "Mom, I'm worried about Will."  
Me- Why
AMK- Because he is not good at throwing and catching.  When I ask him to throw a ball to me he sometimes won't do it.  And he is not real good at catching.
Me- Well he will just have practice at school.
(Sweet brother worried about our little guy doing well in his new class!)
He is a chimp!
AMK and Miss Chambliss
Miss Chambliss sent home a cute story entitled "Ready Confetti" and some confetti to put under his pillow to help him get a good night's sleep before school.  It worked!  
Good night my pre-schooler!  Tomorrow you will be a Kindergartener!  
We hope you have a great year of school!  


Kindergarten Bibles

Our church called up all the kids starting kindergarten and all the kids starting their Senior year.  The older kids gave the younger ones a bible.  It was awesome and had Andrew's name engraved on the front.   As you can see below, he and Sawyer really thought theirs were so cool!  

Class of 2027
Class of 2015 and 2027
"It has my name on it!!"



Wow!  This day was a lot more emotional than I though it was going to be.  How do you say "Thank You" to a group of people who have loved on your babies all day, every day and taught them to be kind and loving and to love God and to praise God and taught them letters, numbers, shapes, sounds, blends, sight words, how to read, 10 Commandments, Beatitudes, Psalm 23, countless bible verses, songs and books?  I know it was harder for me than it was for Andrew.  I know he really can't comprehend that he won't be coming back here.  A place he has been every weekday for the last 5 years.  He was in every class room!  As I walked the hall the last time I thought of bringing him in in his pumpkin seat, him learning to use the potty, him dressing up for Halloween, I thought of Miss Viola  Swamp, I thought of the sweet people who he made laugh with his knowledge of bands, and sports.  I prayed for them and thanked God for allowing us to be a part of this special place.  Then I went to AMK's classroom after their nap for a special snack- COOKIE CAKE.  He made each of his teachers a thank you note.
"Thank you for being a good teacher.  I loved being in your class.  To Mrs. Hayley, From Andrew"

The final 4.  These 4 have been together since Infant 2!  Just like family to us!
Sweet and Wonderful Mrs. Hayley
Sweet and Wonderful Miss Candace
Will's last day in Wobblers… He has loved his teachers and friends here too!  

Mrs Jackson, Miss Shea, Miss Morgan and Will's favorite… Miss Alisha!  
Thank you CCS!  


Sweet picture

"I wish you were here- Andrew, John Paul, Jack"

The summer has been a little hard for Andrew because his BFF's have left school a few weeks early.  He brought home this sweet picture today.  I'm so thankful for CCS and the friendships he developed over the last 5 years.  These boys have spent the majority of their days together for the last 5 years.  They are really like brothers.