Vestavia Fall Ball

I am so proud of our little ball player!  We signed him up for fall ball.  This is his 4th season playing baseball and first time with Coach Pitch.  They allow them 5 strikes, then they can hit off the tee.  In the 6 weeks, with 3 innings in each game he went 17/18 with getting a hit!  And on the 1 time he hit it off the tee, he got a home run, followed by his last hit of the season, which was a home run off of a pitch.  He had one friend from his old CCS preschool on his team, and one friend in his new kindergarten class.  He is still super intense and focused on the game.  He loves it and LOVES to practice at home with dad.  


Arrrrgh Matey

National "Talk Like A Pirate" day.  Dress up and get a dozen FREE Krispy Kreme.  Yes, Please!  A fun and late date night with my boy.  We drove by and the line was way out of the door, so we went home and gave both boys a bath, then Andrew and I went back.  Nothing like a dozen doughnuts at 9PM.

Cool dude

Will is really developing his own personality.  He is SO funny… just like Andrew.  He likes to trick us and play games.  He likes "don't get me" where Bo says "DON'T GET ME!!" and Will tries to get him.  He just laughs and laughs! He is so sweet and easy going.  I usually get the pleasure of getting him to sleep, which consists of getting his ba, and b.b. and rocking him and singing to him.  Probably the best 15 minutes of my day.  #soinlove


Library Books- Dodgers!

Every Thursday is library day for Andrew's class.  The first week, he didn't get to pick out his book, they just were given one.  This week he was able to choose, and what did he get? A book about the Dodgers.  His dad was so proud.  

Night time reading
learning about "Dem Bums"