Trick or Treat! (Twik-kor-Tweet)

Halloween in our new neighborhood=So.Much.Fun!! One of our neighbors invited practically the whole neighborhood over for a quick supper and pictures then all the kids just scattered! It was SO windy that night so Will went home with Bo to help pass out candy while Andrew, Raven and I tackled the street.  I was exhausted after hiking up the street.  The kids had fun though.  Will was great at staying home and passing out candy.  The would say TWICK OR TWEEEET! to all the kids who came by.  We love being in this neighborhood.    
Carving Will's first pumpkin… Don't you think they look alike?  
My lil punkin and my big Samford soccer player!
The crew!



Our first Carnival… What a night.  It was CRAZY.  Andrew had a great time and        played several games.  It was fun to see him and a couple of his new friends as they talked to each other in the halls.  Bo and I worked in our room making root beer floats.  Next year, I think we will come for the last hour instead of the first one.  Sheesh!  It was crazy.  Thanks to Mimi and Papa for taking Will home and getting him in the tub! 

Million Dollar Arm Home Run Derby


Trunk or Treat 14

Trunk or Treat 2014.  Andrew was a Samford Soccer player and Will was a pumpkin.  It was a beautiful and rather warm day for the time of year.  The boys had a great time at the church.

My Lil Punkin

Will and cousin Lily

Shootin hoops

Sweet Mrs. Amy

Playing games


My little explorer.

Andrew has been telling Mimi and Papa that the game he REALLY wants to go to is the Alabama/LSU game in Baton Rouge.  Naturally when he had to draw a place he would like to visit, he drew Death Valley.  That's my boy.  Always thinking! 


School Picture

Will's school picture.  Hilarious.  Clearly we didn't order any...


Marvel Universe Live!

Bo scored some free tickets to see Marvel Universe Live!  It was on a school night at the BJCC, but he, Bo and our neighbor Jacob and his dad Jamie all went.  I texted Bo a couple of minutes after it started and he said that AMK was terrified of the whole thing.  It got better after a while though.  I think if they had to rate it, they would have given it 1 star.  But a fun night out with friends beats a night home!



Andrew has saved some money and wanted to buy himself a fieldgoal.  It came today.  I was so proud of him for saving and getting what he wanted.  Will loves it too!
This will be great at our neighbor's house with a football field lined off in their backyard!