A nice fall day

A beautiful fall day and almost 70 degrees calls for the Jump Jump!  The boys had so much fun.  I love to see them playing together.  These days they don't have too much in common, so it is nice when they both can enjoy the same thing!  


Iron Bowl

Great weather, Great seats, Great people around us, Great friends that we rode with.  
We played great the first half, but just didn't have enough this year.  
 Sir Charles
Nosa Eguae


Thankful for every silly minute- Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is always busy.  We go to Bo's Grandmothers, then to moms.  I am so thankful every day for this life that was given to me and the amazing family that I share it with.  So glad to be able to spend the day with Bo's Mom, and grandparents and My Mom, Step Dad and Grandmother along with a bunch of cousins, siblings and nieces and nephews.  Blessed!  

snuggle bug
We woke up early and all piled in bed to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Happy 16th birthday to this sweet girl.  How can this be? 
Will loving up on Aunt Lori
Nanny and the boys
Gigi with her great grands
Mimi and Papa with their grands
the annual gingerbread house build  eat.


Auburn vs. Samford

Auburn hosted Samford and we took Melony and Cory and spent the night.  It was such a fun trip.  the kids really felt like they were on vacation.  We stayed at the Hotel and Conference center right on College Street.  We walked down to Toomer's corner and even ran into one of Andrew's friends from his class.  Melony, Cory and Andrew sat in our seats while Bo and I sat in the Alabama Power suite.  (My kinda living!)  It was nice and warm, while out in the cheap seats it was cold and rainy!  Samford played a great first half and even scored first.  In the end, the Tigers were too much for the Bulldogs.  After the game we were able to go out on the field and Andrew LOVED it.  He got to catch some passes and we took a bunch of pictures.  We then walked down to Toomer's corner and let the kids roll the corner.  They loved it.  It was a great trip!  
Go Dogs, #RuffEm
3 of my favorites
Having fun! 
Hanging with the players on the field
2 of the best boys ever! 
Sweet boy
Lets do this! 


Kindergarten PowWow

sweet class
The indians and pilgrims
our little pilgrim
Helen, Garrett, AMK, Grace Ann
I got to stay after the program to be the Mystery Reader.  Loved reading to these sweet kids


Mr. Independent

Little Linus with his B.B.

Doing great using a spoon.

He figured out how to slide over his chair and climb up to get a book.
T.R.O.U.B.L.E.- Those dimples! 
Long day, I think I'll take a nap here on the dishwasher. 


Family Pictures November 2014

Thanks to my sweet friend Kristin Mathis for capturing all these GREAT pictures of my family! 
AMK- almost 6, Will-17 months