My Favorite part of the day...

He used to fit in the sink...  For both of my boys, bathtime is such an escape.  Andrew could stay in there for hours.  Will loves to try to catch the water falling from the faucet.  He loves the bubbles and to blow bubbles.  He loves the "guys"-Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster and several wrestling men.  He does not like water in his eyes.  When he is ready to get out, he is ready to get out!  He loves to be wrapped up in the towel and will lay on the floor saying "nigh- night" before we get him in his jommies.  I feel like they both act their ages when they are in the tub.  I can see their minds working.



This boy's favorite thing to do right now is "macuum"!  He LOVES it.  One day we happened to be home when The Maids came by and Will literally followed around the lady vacuuming for about 30 minutes.  He was super impressed with her vacuum that she wore on her back.  He is also a big fan of the broom and loves to "fweep".  I love him!




We were all 18 when we met, and that was 19 years ago.  This is the group of girls that if I needed a kidney, it would come from one of them... (I'm looking at you Jenn, since you have 3).  But seriously this is our girls weekend and our Favorite Things party at Jenn's lake house.  I'm so thankful to have successful friends with lake houses of their own.  It's awesome. We get together, pull out the couch bed and all pile up and talk, eat, sleep in, eat, talk, open presents and talk and eat.  Ahhhhhhh.  What a way to spend the weekend.  Love you all so much.  UGRS 4-eva! 

Natalie, Rebecca, Ashley, Nicole, Jenn, Leighton, Mandy

Thank you God for the beautiful sunset and thank you for putting these girls in my life. Amen.


Christmas with Gigi & Granddaddy

We loved having Gigi and Gdaddy come over and spend the weekend with us.  That also meant... more presents!! Andrew got a World Cup soccer ball that he had been wanting and will got a smaller version.  It was so cute to see how excited AMK got over opening it up, then to see Will get excited too was so fun.  They were so cute playing together with their new soccer balls.  Gigi gave us an awesome blanket with pictures of our boys on it.  I LOVE to snuggle up with it every night.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift!  


Happy New Year! WDE!!

We had the most wonderful New Year's Day at our friends Chris and Mindy's house.  We went over to watch the Auburn game at 11:30 and ended up staying till the late afternoon.  It was just a fun day of relaxing and catching up with friends that we haven't seen in a while.  All the kids played so well together.  I wish we had more of these days, but at this time all of our lives, they are few and far between.  I guess that is what makes them so special when they finally happen.  WDE!