Frosty or Olaf?

The forecast called for snow… and lots of it… They cancelled school.  We thought about how much fun we were going to have sledding around the neighborhood and having snowball fights.  Only problem was that we waited ALL day for it, but all we got was rain.  Boo! :(  Andrew got out of the bathtub and it started snowing!  HARD.  We waited a few minutes, got all dressed again and went out on our frozen deck and scraped up enough snow to make a snowman.  Whew!  It was fun, even if it was 9:00!  I love this sweet boy!
Getting ready to build a snowman
He was so proud!  Gummy eyes, carrot nose, chocolate chip mouth! 
snowball fight!! 


Mercedes Kids Marathon

I was so proud of this boy who signed up for the race before he really even knew what he was getting himself into!  He did great.  He ran hard and FAST!  (And he ran in jeans!  LOL) Good job Andrew. 
All smiles before the big race!  
Ready to go
And there they go!  They were fast! 



*Warning* Major picture overload…
After the retirement, Jim and Nancy took us on a cruise to the Bahamas.  I was a little really worried about how this trip would go.  Taking a 20 month old on a boat was not my idea of a "vacation"  Good news… I couldn't have been more wrong.  Now, don't get me wrong… it was still a lot of work, but we had a fantastic time!  We left out of Jacksonville for a 5 night cruise to Nassau and Coco Cay.  We were aboard the Carnival Fascination.  We had a nice room with a balcony which was so nice to be able to go outside.  Andrew had a blast!  He was big enough to go to "Camp Carnival" with a lot of other kids for a few hours during the day.  This gave us a break and he had fun and met lots of new kids.  He loved to play putt-putt and shuffle board.  By the end of the week, where ever we went, people were saying "hi Andrew!"  Kids, grown ups, college students… they all knew him!  He is too much like his daddy.  Here are some highlights of the trip...
Setting sail out of Jacksonville… It was a cloudy and rainy day but we were all so excited.  

Trying out the balcony!  Great view.
Will was super excited about the fries at dinner.
Breakfast on our balcony.
Will kept himself very busy in our little room.  
Our big boat docked in Nassau.
Beautiful (& windy) day on Junkanoo Beach in Nassau
Andrew enjoying a Mango smoothie
Will LOVED the sand!
Staying out of trouble officer!  

Street performer
Sweet Will and I on the ferry ride to Atlantis
The Dig at Atlantis.  Will was in awe of all the fish.  There were some HUGE ones in there!  Luckily a sweet lady showed us where to go so we could sneak in and not have to pay!  
Oh Andros- Most delicious grouper fingers, peas and rice and fried plantains.  We were exhausted after a long day in Nassau and stopped here for dinner after a recommendation from our cab driver.  Yum!  We all devoured our meal.   
Later that night we wen to the HASBRO Game Show.  Bo got on stage and his team won, and Bo almost won the whole show.  He came in 2nd place.  
In other news… the ship was REALLY rocking this night and this mama took a Dramamine and went to bed.  
Water slides on the back of the ship.  Andrew did it once… It was so cold!  
This was the boys' FAVORITE place.  
We must have played 200 holes of Putt Putt (up putt as Will called it)  
Ahhhh.  Coco Cay.  Such a beautiful little island with beautiful beaches.  We found a spot and stayed all day.  Will loved being in the water and playing in the sand.  Loved it!!  Andrew didn't want to get in the water, but made lots of new friends on the basketball court all day.  
Bo and I went on a 2 hour jet ski ride around several of the islands.  It was awesome.  The water was beautiful, it just went by too quick.  And the jet ski's were so fast.  
A wonderful and relaxing day at the beach!  
Andrew- don't touch him… 
Perfect Sunset! 
My 2, still for a minute...

Will and the Turkey Henry made for him.  
Will loved to "maccum" and was excited to see them all over the ship.
He loved to sweep too.  The little maids thought it was so funny.  He would just walk right up and take their broom.  
It was a wonderful vacation.  Thanks Jim and Nancy for a memorable week.  We love you!! 


Gdaddy's Retirement from the Air Force… Off he goes, into the wild blue yonder!

Bo's dad, affectionately known as GDaddy, retired from the U.S. Air Force after 38 years.  We are were so proud and happy for him.  We had a great afternoon visiting one of the C-141 airplanes that he actually flew.  We even got to go in the massive thing and he got to sit in the cockpit one last time.  The retirement ceremony was so nice.  Later that evening we had a fun BBQ dinner with lots of friends, family and former coworkers.  Jim received so many nice gifts.  

Future pilots? 
my boys
Thumbs up! 
Beautiful shadow box with flag that flew over the Capitol on his last day and so many medals and patches.  
Sweet Aunt Cindy
We all got home and put on our UK gear to watch the CATS stay undefeated.