1st Pitch!

Andrew was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Samford/Auburn game.  He did great!  I tried to get it on video, but he was too quick!  We were super proud of him and he got it all the way to the plate too!


Blessing the new auditorium

Our church is undergoing a renovation to our sanctuary.  We were able to come in after worship and write prayers on the floor.  It was a sweet time and love that our family was able to write our prayers for our family and our church.  Will even made some pictures on the floor! 


G-daddy's vist

G-Daddy came to visit us and the boys were so excited.  Gigi was visiting her dad in Arizona, so she couldn't make it.  We missed her but loved having G-Daddy all to ourselves.  Of course he made his yummy waffles for us on Saturday morning.  We got in a lot of maccuming in while he was here too!  We even got to sneak out of the house to watch UAB play their conference championship and they won!  

Cleaning up!
Loves to vaccum
Will loves "faffles"
So does Andrew! 

Batter up!

Spring ball!  Andrew is on the Rangers this year.  We have the same coach that we had in fall ball and love him.  He is so great with the kids.  Andrew is one of the best on the team.  He still loves the game and is the first one out of the dugout ready to go each inning.  
Play's at first! 
Sweetest Ranger!
A Texas Ranger and an Alabama Ranger