Will's fist trip to the dentist

Will did great at his first trip to the dentist!  We love Dr. Johnson.  At your very first visit, you get to put your handprint on a tile.  Will thought that was fun.   The cleaning was a little tough, but he did great!  So proud of this sweet boy!  


Almost 2...

Sweet Will.  That sums him up!  He is so sweet and snuggly!  He is always in a good mood.  He wakes up happy and ready to go!  When I get him up in the morning, his first words are "hi mommy! " then he says "fuffins"  So we go and get some muffins and then we watch Sesame Street in my bed or on a pallet.  He loves one episode of Sesame Street.  Snuffy is allergic to Big Bird and Snuffy sneezes all the time.  He cracks up every time Snuffy sneezes and says "goodness!"  The end of the episode is Elmo's world and its about going to the doctor.  He can watch any of these anytime.  
Morning Muffins
Heading to Samford
Will LOVES his "mlawn-mlower"
anytime he puts on glasses he says- "cool dude!"  


My Birthday

Its the most wonderful time of the year….  Mom and Gigi came over and kept the boys so we could go out to dinner and shop.  When we got home the boys had arranged for a SURPRISE party.  They decorated everything and had cake and ice cream and presents!  They were SO excited when I got home.  They screamed SURPRISE!!! Will was wild!  It was the best birthday ever.  
Party animals
The birthday Princes and her court
The best presents ever! 
After the party we played a quick game of headbands.  Will wanted to play too!
Photo by Will. 


Easter Egg Hunts!

Hunting eggs at PawPaw's house.  Burr!  It was cold.  
Chris, Tammy and the kids came in town to see Alyssa at prom and stayed at mom and Jim's.  We went over on Friday night and had a blast.  The kids had so much fun together.  The boys played baseball and loved taking a shower all together.  They were wild and crazy.  Saturday we all met up at the church for a picnic and Easter party and egg hunt.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate.
Where are all the eggs? 
This is fun!
Sweet Cousins
Anniston, Will, Cruz and Andrew
Not exactly a fan of the bunny yet.  Poor baby.