All Star Fans

The season wouldn't have been as much fun if we didn't have all these sweet fans to share it with!  Thanks for coming to support Andrew and the National All Stars! 
Cousin Hannah
Cousin Anniston
Mimi and Papa
Cory and Meme
Ryan and Darla
We got to play against his former teammate- Emerson
Granddaddy and Gigi
Paul, Hannah and PawPaw


Vestavia Blue National League All Stars

This was our first experience with All Stars.  It was a little much at first.  (I thought the yard signs might send me over the edge.) But once we started playing games, it was great.  We had a sweet team with some great parents.  Andrew made the "National" team. (*best of the best*) They practiced almost everyday for 3 weeks.  They played in a tournament in Trussville, then one at Hoover East.  They came in 3rd place in the Hoover East Tournament.  It was a great experience. 
Now batting… #25, ANDREW KERRRRRRRRR!
We played (and lost) to Helena in the semi-finals.  It was fun to see our friend John Paul.  He and Andrew have been friends since they were 1. 
Team Dinner
Andrew, Will and Sam
Andrew and Charlie
Andrew and Will
Coach Holley encouraging Andrew. 
Game Winning Run against Hoover National!
Colin, Sam and AMK


Kindergarten…In The Books!

Wow.  That was fast.  And for the record, the last day was a lot harder than the first day for me.  On the first day I walked this excited little boy to his room and he just waved  bye and that was it.  I thought he was so big.  Now look at him.  HE IS SO BIG.  He has grown up so much over this school year.  I'm so thankful to his sweet teacher for being so great all year.  

First Day
Last Day
Best.Feeling.Ever… For both of us.  I never got to pick him up from school all year.  To see him running to me with arms wide open was wonderful.  He looks like he is flying!  
Celebrating being a 1st grader!  


Vestavia Rangers 8-0-1.

Go Rangers!  Spring Baseball has come and gone- We had an Ah-MAZING season!  Andrew played short stop most of the time and right field on occasion too.  We had some really fun close games, but our boys found a way to win all of them… except for one.  They found a way NOT to lose that one.  We loved coach Ryan and Andrew made some new friends.

The Rangers on picture day
He told Bo he picked #25 because it was Jesus' Birthday.
Short Stop
Sweet Amy and Steve Castleman
Sawyer and Miss Chambliss
My Champ!... on to All Stars!



After May Day Play Day we closed on our Creekside house.  God really does have a way of working things out for you if you just let him!  We had a contract on it last year within weeks of putting it on the market.  A few weeks later our buyer backed out.  We put the house back on the market, but had missed the peak selling season.  Lucky for us, we had some friends who needed a place to rent while their house was being built.  When they were moving out in March, our neighbor across the street came over and asked if we were going to list it again because his daughter was interested.  That was on at Thursday.  We found this info out minutes before meeting with our real estate agent to sign the listing papers.  We had an agreement that if this lady put a contract on it, then we wouldn't pay him any commission.  She looked at it on Sunday, wrote an offer on Monday, we countered on Tuesday and signed the final contract on Wednesday. It was amazing.  We ended up making more money on it than we would have if it would have sold to the original buyer (God rest her soul).  Yes.  She passed away in the middle of our dispute over her earnest money.  Thankfully that was also resolved recently.  Now to make improvements on our current house and decorate it!!
I will have wonderful memories of bring both of my babies through the front door of this house. Lots of laughter, fun, concerts, slip-n-sliding, family parties, Santa's first visits for each boy, concerts (did I mention that already?).  It was a great home and we are thankful for the sweet person who bought it and is loving it already.