Best Buddies

These boys love each other so much!  Andrew- you have ALWAYS been the best brother.  I can't remember a time that you were ever mean to Will or didn't want to share something with him.  Thank you for being the best Big Brother ever!! Will- you are also a good Little brother.  You don't drive Andrew crazy like most little brothers.  I'm so glad God gave you to each other!!(AND TO US)


Gigi's 89th Birthday

Talk about a reason to celebrate… This beautiful lady turned 89.  We had a fun party for her at mom's house and my Aunt and 2nd cousins came in from Texas.  We were so glad that we could all be together.  We love her so!  Happy Birthday Gigi!  
Gigi got her own smash cake! 
Will LOVED blowing out the candles… we did it several times.  
The whole crew
Aunt Nan, Gigi and Mom
My family 
4 generations! 


Bo's Birthday

We celebrated this guy turning 38 with a round of bowling and some burgers!! Glad to have Doug, Ryan, Lilly, and Melony, Cory and Raven join us for the special day.  Happy Birthday Baby!


slipin and slidin

Fun Summer Afternoon with our sweet neighbor!  


July 4th in Chattanooga

I don't know if we have ever taken a family vacation... just the 4 of us.  We usually end up meeting someone somewhere when we go away.  This was a first!  We drove up to Chattanooga or "Chugga-Nooga" as Will called it, on Thursday evening after work.

Will loved staying in hotel!  Friday morning, we all walked (in the rain) down the street to the aquarium.  It was awesome.  They have it divided up into 2 buildings- Rivers and Oceans.  Will loved seeing all the fish.  Andrew was more like- "you've seen one... you've seen em all..."  We enjoyed seeing all the sharks, crabs, sting rays, birds, butterflies, jelly fish, otters and all sorts of other things!
Checking out the Sting Rays. 
We found Nemo.
After the aquarium, we went to eat at Mellow Mushroom, then Will and I went to take a nap and Andrew and Bo went to see "Inside Out".  Later that afternoon we went to the Lookouts game.  They played the Barrons.  Will was excited to see "Louie" the Lookout and also a big red dog mascot who was "Clifford" to him.  He almost jumped out of his seat when he spotted him.  He was so excited.
Sweet Boys!
Put me in coach!!

These 2 are so much fun!

Will was checking out the giant bubbles at the Children's Museum on the way back after the game. 
Later that night we went for a quick swim... but it was soooo cold because it had been raining so much.  We ran and grabbed a bite to eat a a local restaurant and it was delicious..
Hanging at the pool.

Saturday Morning fun!
Saturday we went to the Children's museum across the street from our hotel.  It was WONDERFUL!!! There are so many hands on activities for the kids to do and an awesome indoor play area.  Both of the boys loved it and if and when we go back to Chattanooga, I hope we can go back. 
Andrew in the giant bubble right after it popped!

Will in the bubble
Will working in the "wood shop"  
They had foam and golf tees and real hammers for the kids to use. 
Andrew was doing some drilling here. 
Andrew and Dad building a sculpture.
Will making a 4th of July hat!
My rockstar
Lead singer
Little Bro jamming on the drums
Bo's portrait of Andrew. 
It was a wonderful trip (still lots of work with 2 kids) but so much fun!  Thankful for the getaway!


Mom's night!!

One day they will grow up and one day they won't need me or want me to lay down with them.  Until then… I'll continue to cherish this time of night every night I get to spend with them.   Andrew usually picks who he wants to lay down with him either by "conference game" or "warm test".  Conference game is when he calls out the school and Bo and I have to compete to see who can get the most right.  Warm test is where we have to see who has the warmest tummy.  Most nights he falls asleep in minutes.  This one below, he wanted me to hold him like I did when he was a baby… My pleasure.
Night Night
Mommy wok you?  Will is in a pretty good routine when it comes to bedtime.  After bath we watch a little Snuffy and Big Bird, maybe have a small snack, then brush his teeth and go rock.  He will hold up one finger and say "one book".  We usually read "Imagine one the Farm" a lift the flap book.  He is also very fond of "Goodnight Moon"and like is when I squeak like a mouse on the mouse pages.  I love every moment of him drifting off to sleep in my arms.  I love the way he smells, I love the way his forehead sweats onto my shoulder, I love the way he says mommy wok you, I love it when I whisper "I love you" to him and he whispers it back.  I love you so much sweet boy.
Night Night