PaPa's Birthday Fun @ Lori's

 Charles Douglas and William Douglas
Will was a good helper! 


1st Grade… Here we come!

We got home from the beach on Wednesday afternoon, moved our furniture back in our house and the boys and I went to a neighborhood back to school ice cream party.  Washed clothes, and then we were ready for 1st grade!  Ready for a great year!  I was so proud of this kid.  We missed meet the teacher but Andrew walked right in and found his room on the first day with no problems.
He said it was a good day… Love seeing that smile! 


Just a few more from the beach...

 My boys!

 2 year olds are only cut out for 9 holes… 18 was TOO MUCH! 



Trip to Destin… End of the Summer

We waited until the VERY end of the summer to go to the beach… we went the week that school started!  It was great.  There was no one there!  We planned to have our floors refinished while we were gone, but they ended up doing them on Monday and Tuesday and we didn't leave until Thursday.  We camped out in the basement for a couple of HOT nights.  (no A/C).  The boys loved it.   I was ready to get to a place with a real bed and some air conditioning!  We stayed at Mr. Martin's house for one night, a hotel for 2 nights, then with Mimi and Papa for 2 nights. It was a great trip.  The boys had so much fun.  Andrew loved playing mini golf and going to the arcades.  Will loved the water and the sand and anything big brother did.  
This boy loves baseball
Will would have stayed in the water all day
our drip castle
one of about 25 pictures… Will thought it was funny to pick his nose for the picture! 
My loves
My big boy
Ice Cream in Baytowne
pool fun
Fun at Lulu's

Ready to be home!