My sweet Will

Oh this boy has my heart.  He is a lover of life at this age!  He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy and is happy most hours in between.  He knows he is funny and loves to make us laugh... especially his big brother!  When those 2 get going, look out!  Will is just an absolute joy to be around.  I mean, I know he is mine and all, but still.  He is just so much fun. 
On the way to school one rainy morning.  He says LOOK MAMA!  I'm ready for the rain!
Lost among the little people
He loved these light up bull horns.
and yes... he still likes to vacuum!


Lunch Date

This boy was excited to have me come visit him for lunch.  I love seeing him in his school environment.  He is so social!  Where does he get that?  So many kids walked passed our table saying "hey Andrew!"  I loved spending my lunch break with him... even if we did have some gross nachos!  #schoollunch


Auburn vs. Louisville- Georgia Dome

War Eagle!  We started the season out in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome playing Louisville.  We took Andrew and Cory.  It was their first time to see a game in the Dome.  (Andrew has seen basketball there, but not football).  We had fun seats in a suite.  I met up with the girls at half time to exchange hugs and kisses and plans for a better second half.  We spend the 4th quarter in our friend Mike's suite and the boys enjoyed it.  Auburn ended up with the win and it was a great afternoon.  Both the boys had a great experience in Atlanta. 

War Eagle! 

Bo, Jenn, Me, Nat, Mandy & Rah-Rah

My favorite boys!



Samford played on Thursday night and it was a beautiful warm evening!  Our sweet friends Casey and his son Braden joined us and the boys had a blast playing and sliding down the hill.  Go Dogs!
AMK and Braden
AMK and his buddy Bret- from SMBC