Halloween/Trick or Treat!

Halloween was on a Saturday this year.  How exciting!! Well it was, until we looked at the forecast.  RAIN! YUCK!  We all met a little earlier than planned over at our neighbors to eat then it was off for trick or treating.  We made it about 3 houses before the rain started.  Then it rained, and rained, and rained.  We still ran out of candy!  We made the best of it and I still think the boys had fun.

Sweet Puppy

Pizza face LaBron

AMK, Jacob, ??, Gavin

Puppy having Pizza


Pete the (pumpkin) Cat

Andrew's very first "school project" was to make a pumpkin look like a book character.  He chose Pete the Cat.  He happened to be home the day that the project was announced because he was sent home from school sick the day before.  We went to Target to get the pumpkin and paint and he did the whole thing all by himself.  Mimi took over and assisted with the glue gun later that afternoon.  He was so proud of it and so were we! 

Working on Pete

Finished project!


G-Daddy Lovin'

We got a surprise visit from Granddaddy!


Trunk or Treat!

Our church does a great job at Trunk or Treat every year.  This year was no exception.  Will wanted to dress up like a puppy this year and mom found him a costume.  Andrew wanted to be LeBron James and mom found him a jersey.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of LeBron and our neighbor Jacob that night.  Will had fun seeing everything and he was the cutest puppy ever!  There was also a Lip Sync contest.  Raven and I sang Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and then I sang Blues Traveler’s “Hook”.  It was super fun and I wish that there was a career in Lip Syncing.  I’d be off touring the world, selling out shows. LOL. 

 Sweetest Puppy Dog
Will and Holden
Rolling in the Deep with Raven
 Blues Traveler


First One In…First One OUT!!

His first tooth came in in July of 2009.  It came out today, October 22, 2015.  The tooth fairy came and brought $5.  I can't believe this boy is getting so big!  
July 2009


On the "Struction" Site

Will's favorite book right now is"On the Construction Site"  It is a book all about building a skyscraper.  The really cool thing about it is if you shine a light behind the pages, magic pictures shine through.  We usually read it every night. 
He can tell you the difference between a pile driver, hoist, bulldozer, crane, excavator, 
 dump truck, and cement mixer.  He loves all these construction vehicles!


Auburn Homecoming

I Believe in Auburn, and LOVE IT!

We took Melony and Cory with us to Auburn for their homecoming game against San Jose State.  The weather forcast called for rain... and we brought the 2 year old with us.  We were about to Childersburg when we both thought... "What are we doing?  This is crazy!"  We have had a hard and fast rule about taking kids with us to the game... they must be potty trained. This rule has always served us well because most of the time when a kid is potty trained, they are mature enough to sit still for more than 30 seconds.  Who knows how this would turn out!
The game kicked off at 11.  Right at Will's nap time.  I decided to send the big 4 in and I was going to attempt to keep Will at our tailgate and for him to take a nap.  So everyone left and the spot got quiet.  I pulled a chair up to the TV and got his Bebe and his Ba and rocked him and the little fella was out in about 5 minutes.  We snuggled for the first half and he took a great nap for about an hour and a half.  He woke up right at half time ready to go!  -Have I mentioned what a good baby he is? He was so excited to see everyone and did great for the 2nd half!  We had a little extra room in our section, so that helped too.
After the game, we were allowed to go down on the field.  It is always fun to be able to do that!  I love to think how big everything must see to both Will and Andrew.  The stadium must be seem enormous the them... and the number of people has to be overwhelming.
After going on the field, we all went to Toomer's corner.  We came prepared with a 4 pack of toilet paper so all the kids got a turn to roll a tree.  It was a wonderful day!! All of the kids had fun.  No complaints out of us either.  We were not crazy after all!   Thanks to Melony and Cory for helping with both boys.  They love each other so much.  I am so thankful that my babies have such sweet cousins!