Iron Bowl 2015

Bo and I surprised our 2 favorite Auburn fans  with tickets to the Iron Bowl.  Cory tried to play it cool, but was super excited.  I was proud of Meme Lisa for not spilling the beans all week.  She almost blew it with a comment about him not needing to wear a jacket to the game, but luckily, he didn't pick up on it.

2 super excited Auburn fans!

Game time!



We had Thanksgiving at Aunt Lori's this year.  It was the most BEAUTIFUL day!  The food was delicious and the kids had a great time playing.  Mike rented a bounce house that was a life saver.  All the kids jumped and jumped all afternoon.

Me and my "Favorite" Aunt!! 

Sweet Will

Oh this boy!


Makin' a list...

This boy loves to make a list.  We are always putting something on a grocery list.  Will will grab a pen and ask me what I want from the store.  Sometimes he prompts me with... gummies?  cereal? I love how he picks up on everything.  This is such a fun age.


Papa's Birthday

Happy Birthday to our sweet Papa!  We had fun celebrating with you and Anniston and Cruz!! Will LOVED to blow out the candles... several times!