10th Annual Birmingham Bowl

Auburn and Memphis squared off in the Birmingham this year in the 10th Annual Birmingham Bowl.  It was fun to be a part of such a great event that Bo started!  My company sponsored an evening at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame where we got to meet some of the coaching staff from each team.  Unfortunately, I had to work and missed the game, but Bo took Andrew, Melony and Cory and they had a great time, despite the rainy weather.  


Christmas Afternoon at Nanny's

Our Christmas tradition is that all of Bo’s family heads to Nanny and PaPa’s for Christmas lunch.  Nanny always has the BEST turkey and dressing and all sorts of other goodies.  We usually play games and win different prizes.  Lisa and the kids came back over and we exchanged presents with them that afternoon.  What a fun filled day with LOTS of presents! 

Christmas Morning

I want Christmas to be magical forever.  I love the excitement, the wonder, the pure joy of it all.  I love celebrating the birth of Christ.  I love Christmas treats and  church programs and Santa PJ’s and reindeer handprints from school.   I will treasure every single minute of it because I know one day, they will want to sleep in on Christmas morning… or worse, only ask for money.   This year, all Andrew asked for was a basketball goal.  He opened all of his presents and found a card in his stocking telling him to go outside for one more present Santa couldn’t fit down the chimney…. There was the goal!  He was so excited.  Will got counting trains and cars and boats, a weed eater and a blower.  My favorite quote of the morning was when he opened the weed eater and said “Oh My!!”  Andrew gave me an awesome book about Christmas.  One of those special things that can’t ever be replaced.  It was a beautiful (and warm) Christmas day.     
Looks like Santa made it!


Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's

We usually spend Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's.  This year, it was just us, Tarra and Ray and Gigi.  The Gore family had gone Skiing and the Gaston family was in Atlanta.  It was a fun evening.  Luckily, I had the day off and actually several days after Christmas off this year.  It was so nice to spend them with the boys and not rush around from place to place.  We had a fun dinner and saw Santa come by on the fire truck.  Will was SUPE excited about that.  They are both at a very fun age for the magic of Christmas!  

Thanks Aunt Nan for the gingerbread house! 

Andrew opening some of his gifts. 

Rudolph playing with his new Paw Patrol Play Doh.

My little loves!  Ready for Santa!


School Christmas Party

I love all school related activities.  Class parties, programs etc.  I wish I could do them all.  I was so thankful to be able to get away for a couple of hours to help with Andrew's class Christmas party.  They made christmas trees with ice cream cones.  What a mess!  Then the class got to get their Reindeer Mail.   Little treats and trinkets that everyone in the class gave to each other.  So fun!  I loved seeing him interact with his friends and teacher.  The best part of my day was when I was hustling down the hall to get to class and he heard me (and my heels) coming down the hall.  He was going to the bathroom, but knew it was me and stopped and waited and when I came around the corner he said "MOM!!"  and gave me the biggest hug and had the biggest smile on his face.  Ah!  Makes this working mom feel so good to have him so happy to have me join him!    Thanks buddy.  I love you so much!

Making his Christmas Tree
Andrew and his Reindeer- Todo.

Sweet Mrs. Mitchell

My boy

Santa Video Messages

Jessie, our elf, left the boys a message to check their email.  They each got messages from SANTA!!  Looks like everyone is on the good list so far...


Grill Masters

This little boy LOVES to do things like his daddy.  If Bo is grilling, then Will wants to be out there doing the same thing.  So thankful for the WARM weather this December.  Notice the christmas lights and the little boy with no pants on!



Andrew had his birthday party at AirWalk- a trampoline park.  He had 5 friends join him.  John Paul, Braden, Emory, Jacob and Jackson.  All the boys had fun.  I was just glad there were no injuries!!Yikes.  So glad for these sweet friends to help celebrate my boy.  

Taking a quick break from dodgeball 
Boom!  Throwing in dodge ball.

Andrew, Braden, Jacob, Jackson, Emory, John Paul


Lucky # 7.

Every year I think the same thing... how can he be another year older?  Andrew, I am so proud of you.  You are so sweet and kind.  You are the BEST big brother that anyone could ever want and Will is so lucky to have you!  You are so sweet to him and show him so much love!  You are so smart,inquisitive, thoughtful, snoogly, silly, athletic, and FUN!  I can't wait to see what this year brings for you.  We had a fun family birthday party with the cake you wanted me to make you.  Chocolate cake, white icing, with a football.  Happy 7th buddy!!

Good night my 6 year old...
The Birthday Boy!

Gigi and Andrew

Super excited for the Rocket Rod fishing pole!!

Papa, Mimi and Gigi and the boys

Meme Lisa and Raven

Our first baby!