Free Blake Shelton Concert

We were leaving one of Andrew’s baseball games Saturday morning and I saw on facebook that one of the local venues was having a FREE Blake Shelton concert that night.  All you had to do was go down and get a wrist band, then you would get in free to the concert that night.  I told Bo and said let’s go and check it out.  We were actually pretty close so we went by and waited in line for about 15 minutes and ended up getting a wrist band.  We got a babysitter and after a quick appearance at a Samford Basketball game, we were in!  He put on a great show.  Fun surprise! 


worker guy

Will is a blue collar kind of guy.  Loves to work in the yard and around the house.  He has been vacuuming since he could walk.  He cracks us up and is so serious about doing his “jobs”.  He even talks in a deep “worker guy” voice. 


Best buds

He thinks daddy hung the moon.  Me too, buddy.  Me too. 


Will's 1st UK game

Go Cats!  We took Will to his first UK game.  Love these boys!!!

January Fun

Cheering on the Seahawks

Will loves his Paw Patrol Play Doh from Aunt Tara

Micah's 7th Birthday Party at Tiger Rock.