Trip to Oxford (Sippy)

We took a road trip to Oxford, MS over President's day weekend to catch up with the Armstrongs and catch some Ole Miss hoops!  We got the red carpet tour of the new Arena thanks to Uncle Bill.  When we arrived in Oxford we got to watch a little bit of practice from the balcony in the practice gym.  After hanging out at Bill's house for a while, we went up to check out the new Arena.  The boys got to shoot some hoops on the court and even make a few announcements over the P.A.  Will found the biggest broom he had ever seen and was in heaven just cleaning the floors.  We got to go in the locker rooms and all the VIP areas.  We had seats right behind the bench for the game on Saturday.  The boys had a great time being with Bo, Ella, Sarah, Millie and Ford.  Hotty Toddy!



I Love Bathtime

Both of my boys have always loved bath time.  It is such an escape.  Most times neither wants to get in, but then neither wants to get out either.  Will is so fun to watch now because he just gets submerged in his own little make believe world and forgets I’m in there with him.  He loves his Paw Patrol pups and all the wrestle guys too.  Legos are also a big hit for both of them.  # relaxation. 


Night Night

I have loved rocking this baby every night of his life.  Seriously, every.single.night… until recently when he stopped letting me rock him and just asks to be put in his crib.  It all started about a month ago and he said to me one night “Put me in my crib”  I thought, sure, right.  Let’s see how long this lasts before I here “mommy rock you”.  But there was no cry… only silence.  I went in to check on him and he said “night night mommy”  WHAT??  This can’t be happening.  I cried.  Seriously.  I am so thankful that I didn’t try to get him to go to sleep by himself because I might have missed out on some precious snuggles.  He has never looked back.  He might want to read a book in the rocking chair, but after the book, he is ready for his crib.  Big Boy!   I miss my baby!