Last Day of School!

Last Day of Kindergarten...

Last day of First Grade...
We need to go shopping!!! 


Samford Night at the Baron's Game

Being Silly before the game.
Sweet Mary Emma.  She loves Will!
Babe Ruff!
Thanks Samford!  We had a fun night at the Baron's game.  Andrew and Dad made it in a little late because of All Star practice.  Will and M.E. played on the bouncys and had a blast.  It was the first time I have ever seen him climb up the inflatable and slide allllll the way down.  He was laughing the whole time having so much fun.  Just like that, he is already grown up a little more. 


May Day Play Day

This is the second year that I have volunteered to be the May Day Play Day Coordinator for Andrew's class.  It is a great day that we get to spend together with all of his classmates playing games around the school.  This year, the forecast called for rain... although we did not get a drop... and everything was moved inside.  It still worked out great and the kids had a blast. 

I loved spending the day with you my sweet boy!


Mother's Day

It is so fun to be the mom to these boys.  God has really blessed me big time with these guys.  I have loved every minute of them growing up and try to soak up each day.  There are some hard times and parenting is tough, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


2016 Rec League- Yankees

The 2016 7 year old Yankees were between "not that great" and "pretty good".  We started off 3-0 but I think ended the season  with as many wins as losses.  The all got better as the season progressed.  Andrew played Short Stop and his coach called him "Captain".  He held the record on the team for not striking out once all season... ( A stat he carried with him through All Stars as well!) 
Mr. Seth, Miss Emily and Mr. Bret from SMBC.
Sweet lit brother giving some advice.
Park Weaver, Parker Moore, Palmer Rodgers, AMK, Chad Dunn
Trophies at the Baron's game
Golden Bat!
I Love #25!