West Palm Beach.  We have been looking forward to this trip since March!  We came several years ago and really loved the hotel and beach and venue, so we decided to do it again!  We had a great trip down and made it to the beach to sit and enjoy some sun and sand before we had to get ready for Night 1.  We have made friends with the lounge bartender and he got us back in the lounge again.  We brought him some "Birmingham" branded goodies to show our appreciation.  The first nigh was HOT.  Seriously like a sauna.  So hot and humid.  But the show was great and we had great seats! 

Hanging in the lounge

Hello again...

Day 2 consisted of us being on the beach all day.  It was wonderful.  I don't even think we left for lunch.  So peaceful, so relaxing, so wonderful.  We went to Flannigan's for dinner before the second show.  The weather was much better on Night 2.  Not quite as hot. 

Sunday, we went back to the beach for a while before we had to pack up and check out.  We had an awful trip home which consisted of a detour to Columbia, SC, but we finally made it home about 11.  Only 6 hours after we were originally scheduled to be home.  We missed our babies, but they had a fun weekend with their Mimi.  It was a great weekend for the 2 of us to relax! 


HHS Class of 96- 20 years later

No one can believe that it could possibly have been 20 years ago that we graduated.  I mean look at us... we look fantastic!  We had such a fun night.  We started off at Carrigan's Public House where we met up with some former classmates for a couple of drinks.  Then we went to WorkPlay for the actual reunion.  It was a great venue.  We had a room with a bar and a room where the band and food was.  There was a great turnout!  Probably about 250 people or more.  There was just not enough time in the evening to catch up with everyone.  It was great to see old faces and catch up. 

Julia, Holley, WK, Jenna

Bo & Zach

Holley, WK & Mimbsie

Some of the group... towards the end of the night

My high school sweetie...


Reunion weekend- FRIDAY- Iron City Molly Ringwalds

To celebrate our reunion weekend, we went to see a fun cover band- The Molly Ringwalds- with our friends Greg and Holley who are friends from middle school through college.  It was a fun night dancing and singing. 

Hanging with the band... yes he is massaging our ear lobes...creepy.

Sadly, the best pic we got of all 4 of us (6 of us if you count all my chins.)
We love these sweet friends! 

Happy 90th Birthday Gigi!!

So much has changed from 89-90, but this girl is fierce!  She is a fighter and is so strong.  We had fun celebrating her today.  Tarra had a cake made with her picture on it and she loved it!  I think she is just as pretty now as she was then.  I'm so glad she is here and my boys get to see her 


Bo's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best dad ever!  I am so glad I can give you trash bags and you still love me.


Will's first trip to the Zoo.

A Saturday morning with nothing to do... Let's go to the ZOO!  Will had never been to the Zoo other than Boo at the Zoo and you really don't get to see the animals then.  It was a pretty and hot day, but we made the most of it.  There was a dinosaur exhibit that they both really liked.  They are so lifelike and HUGE!  We rode the carousel, the train, a camel, fed the giraffes, did the slide, saw all the animals and were out of there by lunch! 


Car Wash!!!

Andrew's track this week at camp was "service".  They had a car wash during the week to raise money for the missionaries.  My car was lovingly washed by several boys!  I'm so glad he is having a great summer and learning about helping others.