School Lunch

Thankful to spend a little of my day with this handsome guy.  Also thankful I don't have to eat school lunch every day.  Yuck!  Love this 2nd Grader!


Hot Cakes with my short cakes!

Ya'll... I am not exaggerating... It is Friday night.  Bo is at work.  We have dinner, then I say "Boys... We are going to go get donuts!!!" They both roll their eyes at me and sigh with a big "Gah MOM! Ugh... Why do we have to go get donuts?!"  Seriously.  This was the conversation.  It was like I told them that we were going to get root canals.  Once we got there, they had a blast.  Our friends who own the shop, invited them back to watch the donuts cook and pick out their toppings.  There is nothing like a fresh, hot donut right out of the fryer!  Yum. Yum! These boys perked up and even said on the way home.  "That was so fun mom!!"   (me...mumbling to myself... see, I told you that it would be fun.  Sheesh!)


Fun in Auburn

The way the football schedules worked out this year allowed us to be in Auburn for the first 2 home games.  We took Raven and Cory with us and Will even got to go one of the games... even though we have a strict rule against taking anyone to a game who isn't potty trained.  He was so good and loved every minute.  We are so thankful to have to opportunity to be able to go and enjoy a Saturday in Jordan Hare. 

This guy will be IN college soon!

Love my boys!

Ray Ray and Will before the game... it was HOT!  Can you tell by Will's cheeks?

Will enjoying pregame in the Neilson Club.


Visit from the Armstrongs

Well... It wasn't quiet around here...

Millie, Will, Ford, Ella, Sarah, Bo, Andrew

These 2!  They giggled the whole time and just loved each other!

September 2016

Feburary 2016