Birthday Party, (Trunk &)Trick or Treat

 Taking Ironman to Holden's 3rd Birthday Party.  It was at his house and was so cute.  There were super hero's everywhere!  Will had a blast.
Trunk or Treat is always fun.  Will went as Super Gecko from PJ Masks and Andrew went as Clayton Kershaw.  Mom went as a Chef.

Halloween night in the neighborhood again.  We all met at the Harris' and then the kids ran out trick or treating.  I was at a neighbor's house passing out candy when Bo and Will stopped by.  A few minutes later one of Will's classmates rang the doorbell.  It was Avery!  He was SO EXCITED!  They giggled  all night and he cried when we had to go home at 9:00!   It was a super fun night!


15 Years... Happy Anniversary!

 Best husband ever!  We looked at cars over the Summer, but Bo told me it would be probably another 2-3 years before we got one.  Then I pulled in the driveway and the boys opened the garage door (because it was broken) and there she was backed into my spot!  A 2016 Toyota Highlander with a big red bow!  Just like the commercials!  What a surprise.  I made him some chicken, so we are even.  Ha!  I have never had a new car!  It only had 7 miles on it when I got it!  Sunroof, back up camera, bluetooth, bells, whistles, usb ports.  She is pretty sweet!  Thanks to the best giver out there!  I love you so much!  You really out did yourself this year.  No better way to celebrate 15 years~  

Anniversary dinner at 5.  Then to Iron City to see The Molly Ringwalds!


School Pictures

Be still my heart...
Will 3 Years Old

Andrew- 2nd Grade (7 years old)


Beach Weekend

The best.  These girls refresh my soul!  This year we celebrated being friends for 20 years.  We all met in the ZTA chapter room in the fall of 1996.  God has blessed each of us with this 20 year friendship and I hope we will be doing this for another 20 years.  Lazy days on the beach, good food, laughs, sun (but not too much), sleep, ubering to Baytowne, football, shopping, ice cream and this year... bike ridding.  It was the best.  Love these girls.