Happy New Year!

Thanks to Chris and Ashley for having us over on New Year's Eve.  We had a fun dinner and loved catching up!  The kids were great and so was dinner! 


1st ever Sleepover...with eachother.

They did it!  It took a few minutes and me checking on them a couple of times... but they did it.  Will is still in his crib, so this was kind of a big deal for him. Hopefully there will be many more nights of this sweet brotherly love.


11th Annual Birmingham Bowl

 University of South Florida and South Carolina played in this years Birmingham Bowl.  Andrew and Sam Avery got to go to the game.  They had a blast!


Merry Christmas! 2016

Merry Christmas!!!  Santa came and brought everyone what they wished for!  Will got a new easel with paints and markers and Andrew got an X box One.  They were both so excited and it was so much fun to watch them open their gifts. 

Will... under the tree making sure we didn't miss any presents back there...


Christmas Eve at Mimi's

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's is one of our favorite traditions.  We have a yummy dinner and open presents and get to see Santa drive by on the fire truck.  I am soaking in every minute of these magical years as I know they are fleeting.   The boys were so excited about Christmas and opening presents.

Will and Aunt T playing Air Hockey

Andrew playing Air Hockey

The boys and Gigi

Will and Rock Steady- T.M.N.T.

Andrew and a GIANT Nerf gun.

This little girl must have been very good this year!


It's begining to look a lot like....

We went to see Santa at Brookwood mall.  Will was so big and sat on his lap and we have no idea what he told him!

I LOVE my Christmas tree and I am so glad we moved it into the den this year.  I love looking at it every night.

My Christmas card wall... It filled up and overflowed. 


Christmas Party at School

I had fun in this little elf's classroom today for his class party.  We made candy canes, played games and had snack.  It is fun to see him in action in his class. 


Clipper Basketball

This was Andrew's first season playing basketball.  I was super impressed with how well he played and what a GREAT attitude he had- win or loose.  They were 3-4 on the season but were a few seconds short of being 5-2... I guess that is just the way the ball bounces.  Hopefully we will do it again next year!

?, Cale, Jake, Sam, Andrew, Akash, Griffin

I love my #11!

Birthday Party

For Andrew's 8th Birthday we had a few boys over for some cookie cake then took them to go play laser tag.  They were WILD.  Good grief!  I will NOT do that again.  7 boys is too many!!!  LOL.  They all had fun playing laser tag and in the arcade.  Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!   We love you so much.

See what I mean... WILD!!!


8th Birthday!!!

Good Night for the last time to my 7 year old...

Good Morning 8 year old!!!


Christmas Cookie Decorating

Will has the SWEETEST Sunday School teachers.  Mrs. Pam invited all the kids to her house to bake and decorate sugar cookies that they would distribute to the nursing home near our church during their class time.  They had fun! 

Will & Mrs. Melanie

Mrs. Pam, Mrs, Amy Mrs. Melanie
Myla, Will, Grayson, Thomas, Ellis Kate, Catherine

Sweet Mrs. Pam telling Will how much she loved him and how much God loved him and what a good and kind heart he has and what a wonderful Christian man he will be someday.  (I might have cried a little just hearing her sweet and sincere words of love spoken to my sweet boy)


1st time to the movies as a Family

Y'all... How is Will 3.5 and we have NEVER been to a movie all together? (Oh , because it costs a small fortune...) We went to see Moana.  It was great.  Will LOVES movies.  He does so good too!  Thanks to Jeff and Margaret for the tickets!